About Us

At Chevxeron, our name carries a reputation that speaks to our unwavering dedication to students' educational aspirations. With years of proven success, we take immense pride in being the trusted choice for those embarking on their academic journeys. Our legacy is built on integrity, transparency, and a heartfelt commitment to your success. We have a strong track record of guiding students to secure admissions in prestigious universities, obtain scholarships, and navigate the intricacies of international education. Our extensive global network ensures you have access to the finest educational opportunities, and our commitment to excellence shines through every service we provide. When you choose Chevxeron, you're choosing a partner whose reputation is synonymous with helping students turn their dreams into reality


Providing navigation for students, parents, businesses and communities alike to thrive in their domains by creating unique solutions in a trustworthy and professional environment.


To be the leading world-class organisation manifesting the creation of greater educational, social and economic development in the community.

Our Team

Martin Stommer

Founder / CEO
Martin is a well-established business coach for 12+ years. His way of coaching and guiding reflects his helpful and friendly nature.

Barbara Cooper

Founder / CEO
Barbara is an award winning coach who has helped over 25+ businesses start and flourish online. She loves interacting and making friends.

Jason Ester

Founder / CEO
Graduating from one of the top universities and an expert in helping IT businesses grow, Jason has been a friend and guide to many budding entrepreneurs.