International students studying in Germany enjoy their stay and gladly recommend their experience to other students, according to StudyPortals’ International Student Satisfaction Awards 2014. Almost 7,000 students worldwide shared their impressions and reviews about universities in Europe; out of all reviewers, almost 600 students commented on their experience of studying in Germany.

Overall, Germany received a total score of 8.8 out of 10, and placed 11th in terms of student satisfaction. Student impressions provide an interesting outlook on universities in Germany and can help prospective students decide on their future study destination

Reasons to study in Germany

1. Outstanding universities

German universities are famous for delivering high-quality education – a lot of these universities even rank among the best in the world.

By choosing to study in Germany, you can be sure to get an education that is well above the global average, which will come in very useful when looking for a job after graduation.

2. Germany is a safe country

Compared to other study destinations, Germany is a very safe country.

No matter if it’s day or night, or if you’re in the city or the countryside, being out and about is fairly safe taking common sense precautions.

3. Diversity

Germany is a liberal and welcoming country that is full of diversity.
At CBS International Business School, people from more than 75 different nations come together to study, work and develop.

4. English-taught programmes

Just because you’re studying in Germany doesn’t mean that you have to stury in German! You’ll easily be able to find English-taught programmes at most German universities suited for international students

5. Lower tuition fees

University fees can be expensive, but luckily in Germany the tuition fees are a lot lower compared to other countries like the US or the UK. So here in Germany, you can study at top-ranked universities at affordable tuition fees.

6. Great job opportunities

Students studying in Germany, many international students tend to look for a job to support themselves while studying.